Classes- Learning is fun!

We are delighted to offer classes at Jumping Mouse Beads.

Most of our classes  are  FREE  and offered “On Demand”.  That means you can come when you’d like to come during store hours- with a reservation. To qualify for a FREE class- all your product must be purchased here 

Have beads from somewhere else?  NO PROBLEM!   There will be a $25 surcharge for beads purchased at other shops and used during a class.

We keep the classes very small during store hours so please call our store and make a reservation for classes at the store.

Our in-house classes can be repeated if you need the additional time. Most beadwork is labor intense- so plan plenty of time and possibly coming back to finish your project.

For our instructor led classes- we are limited to a minimum of 4 – 8 people max (although we’ve been known to squeeze in an extra!). This makes certain you get the attention you need to leave feeling good about the knowledge you take home.

Here are just a few of the cool things to do!

Leather Kumi
4 Strand Leather Braid
@2 Hrs Free Class
8 Strand Leather Braid
@2 Hrs Free Class
Basic Bracelet or Necklace
@2 Hrs Free Class
Kumi (shown here with leather)
2 Hrs Free Class
Leather Wrap
3 Hrs Free Class
Bead Crochet
3 Hrs Free Class
Round Brick Stitch
3 Hrs Free Class
3 Hrs Free Class
Pearl Knotting
3 hrs- Free Class
Round or Flat Peyote
2 Hrs Free Class
Right Angle Weave
3 hrs Free Class
Free Form Peyote
4 Hrs Free Class
Half Tila Herringbone
3 Hrs Free Class
Spiral Rope
2 Hrs Free Class
Beaded Cabochon
3 Hrs Free Class
4 Hrs. $25 Class
Tradition Lazy Stitch
3 hrs Free Class
Twisted Herringobne
3 hrs Free Class
Brick Stitch
3 hrs Free Class
Cubic Right Angle Weave
3 hrs Free Class
    Also: Leather Fun Wrap Style
Fringe work and much more!
African Wrap
4 Hrs- $20
Round Herringbone Weave
3 Hrs Free Class!
Bead Embroidery
4 Hrs
Always free!

We offer many different types of classes in our store all of which are wicked fun….

All teacher led classes are subject to change- if we make the change we’ll gladly return your deposit. Check with us before you come just to make sure. If you have a specific desire for a class- please let us know! We’ll be delighted to search out the perfect instructor and we do have extensive knowledge right here. Come in, relax and learn!